I’ll meet you where you are and compassionately guide you to where you want to be.

At ease with eating. At home in your body. And present in your life.

Let’s end the hustle for food and body perfection together.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been working towards food freedom and body friendship for years – I’ve got you covered.

I know what it takes to transform the way you eat, exercise and exist in your body. And I’m sharing the supportive strategies, critical mindset shifts and significant behavioral changes that make it possible through both my online course and signature coaching program.

Because dieting and deadlifts are not the most interesting things about you.

Not even close.

And you deserve the clarity that comes from feeling nourished, satisfied and safe enough – to figure out what is.

The Mend Sessions

Restore your Relationship with Food and Body

The Mend Sessions is a dynamic 10-week course that will help you to eat intuitively, make peace with movement, respect your body, hone your intuition and practice shameless self-care and compassion. Enroll today and begin the journey of mending your food and body relationship with flexible learning, exclusive resources and devoted online support.

food freedom + body friendship, finally

The Unrestricted Mentorship

Life Without the Limits

Imagine a future where eating is easy and movement is joyful; a future free of counting, controlling, comparing and criticizing. Imagine what it might feel like to finally embrace your body and shamelessly celebrate yourself.

The Unrestricted Mentorship will take you there. It’s a loving, liberating private coaching experience designed to improve your relationship with food, body and self and reignite your passion for the things that really matter. (Spoiler Alert: The size of your jeans and the calories in an apple slice don’t really matter!)

There is life beyond bingeing, restricting, obsessing, and self-loathing.

Where there’s no body hate,

No food freak outs,

And no explanations necessary.

That life is yours if you want it.

And it begins with one choice, one resounding “HELL YES” to your healing.

So, what do you say?


Finally Make Peace with Eating, Exercising and Existing in your Body

So you’ve been fad dieting, food restricting, exercise obsessing, meal timing, mirror checking, body hating and “lifestyling” for years. And you’re no closer to a peaceful, positive relationship with food and body than when you first began.

I get it and I’ve got you. Those approaches don’t work. 

But, I know what does. And soon, you will too.

This free guide will teach you how to:

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