I’m a thin, white, non-disabled, cishet business owner living in America. I’m basically oozing with privilege I didn’t earn and opportunities I don’t deserve. I benefit daily from rights and access that aren’t afforded universally to all people.


I’m committed to leveraging this privilege to create equitable and inclusive experiences for all and devoted to dismantling racism, white supremacy, anti-LGBTQ prejudice, ageism, ableism, fatphobia, healthism, classism, gender discrimination, and other forms of oppression; first, within myself and subsequently, within my business and communities. The goal is not to maintain my privilege but to actively work to eliminate it.

This work is ongoing and for as long as I benefit from privilege (likely my entire lifetime) I must investigate, address and deconstruct my own biases and those that exist in the spaces I create and inhabit. I promise to use my resources of time, energy and money to fight for a justice and liberation that goes beyond “food freedom and body friendship.”


As an Eating Psychology Coach and Body Image Mentor I’ve supported individuals with various intersections of marginalization and privilege to heal their relationship with food, body and self. Because eating, movement and self-care cannot (and should not) be untangled from identity and lived experience, I’m regularly navigating deeply personal and complicated conversations with clients on the topics of race, culture, sexual preference, body size, health status, faith traditions, relationships and more.

If you’re a current or prospective client OR if you participate in any of my free or paid offerings, here’s what you should know:

You’re worthy of respect, dignity and competent care. You’re worthy of love and belonging. You’re worthy of a life lived, fully and freely. And you are worthy and wise enough to create that life, in your own time and on your own terms. If that life looks like a more compassionate relationship with eating, exercising and existing in your body, if it looks like restoration and healing, if it looks like taking up space and shutting down shame, then I can help.

But first, you should also know this:

I am here to hold space for you, honor you and believe you in all things.

I am not here to educate you on topics outside of diet and disordered eating recovery, self-compassion work, body image, self-care, intuitive eating and exercise, wherein I am not an expert. Instead, I will happily point you in the direction of scholars, teachers and leaders who are best equipped to guide your learning and encourage you to compensate them for their work and time.

I’m also not here for any communications or conversations that further harm or marginalize individuals with bodies and/or identities already oppressed by society. Comments on my social media platforms, blog posts or within online communities that are racist, anti-Black, fatphobic, anti-LGBTQ, classist, ableist or otherwise offensive will be deleted and you may be blocked or removed from those spaces (without refund) because-

I’m devoted to creating spaces where ALL feel worthy and welcomed. Not just you. And not just me.

Core Values


What good is this food freedom and body friendship stuff if it’s not accessible to everyone?

I offer a variety of free and paid content in the hopes that all who would like to learn more about intuitive eating, body acceptance, joyful movement, self-compassion, body image and self-care have an opportunity to do so.

Free resources include my email newsletter, blog and social media posts as well as – community events, pop-up teaching series, complimentary training videos and podcast interviews (both as a guest and a host).

I also offer a robust online program, The Mend Sessions at a fraction of the cost of my 1:1 mentorship that includes 10 weeks of teaching and resource recommendations, an online community and monthly Q+A videos for the lifetime of the program.

Additionally, I provide payment plan options for all clients and scholarship opportunities on a need (and availability) basis.

Fair Compensation:

I believe in paying vendors, creators, designers, consultants, contractors, coaches and speakers a living wage for their time and expertise, this includes myself.

Much of the income from LuEats, LLC goes back into my business to continue, update and expand operations and offerings. This includes the 10% (minimum) portion of revenue that is returned to my community and clientele each year in the form of scholarships, discounts and waived fees in order to make participation in my programs more accessible.

Of equal importance to me is paying experts and leaders for their contributions to programs or offerings that I stand to profit from. Rest assured that any speaker or guest in my paid programs has been compensated at a mutually agreed upon rate.

Equity, Inclusion and Representation:

When collaborating with other coaches and experts for my paid programs, I’m intentional about centering individuals whose lived experiences are different than my own in order to provide program participants with diverse and varied input. People of Color, Black womxn, members of the LGBTQ community, Fat Activists and others in marginalized communities bring necessary and worthwhile insight to the food and body conversation. In fact, leaders in many of these communities are the reason this anti-diet, weight neutral, self-care industry exists.

When approached to speak in a program, panel or summit I ask up front if there will be a range of body sizes, races, identities and lived experiences represented among the experts. If the organizer says “no” then so do I. It’s as simple as that.

I’m intentional about not white-washing my content. Yes, I’m a white woman and as such you’ll see my face on my website, within my programs and communities and on my social media platforms. However, you’ll also see a variety of bodies and identities in the art and photos I choose because this work isn’t about me – it’s about the collective – it’s about YOU. While BIPOC, LGBTQ persons and those in larger bodies are at increased risk of disordered eating, dieting and body image concerns due (in large part) to the racist, fatphobic and sexist roots of the diet and beauty industries, they are often underrepresented in recovery and healing spaces.

I’m sure I’ve yet to include every possible identity within my materials and content. Still, I am actively working on learning more and doing better when it comes to what (and who) I post, share and amplify.


I’ve had my words and my work stolen before and it doesn’t feel good. Please don’t do it. (See Terms of Use)

I’m intentional about crediting creators, speakers and experts when sharing their content and intellectual property. I provide attribution, pay for art and stock photos (unless they’re offered royalty free) and link to author sites and platforms when possible.

Lifetime Learning:

I don’t know everything. OK, I don’t know most things. And as such, I’m committed to lifetime learning – specifically from individuals with bodies, lives, experiences and perspectives that are different than my own.

I regularly enroll in trainings, purchase and read books, and consume content to continue not only my education in intuitive eating/exercise, body image work and disordered eating recovery, but also anti-racism, fat acceptance, social determinants of health and other essential subjects.


I believe that there is more than enough {insert the things we tend to feel protective of here} to go around. Thus, I’m not interested in competing with other practitioners for the spotlight, for clients, for followers, for likes. I’d much rather collaborate and celebrate one another.

And so, if you’re a fellow coach in this food and body freedom space – I’m here to support you too. Let’s connect and see how we can help each other to be the best practitioners we can be for everyone (not just those who look and live like us).

As a business owner and a human with a shit-ton of privilege (which I’ve previously addressed above), including economic privilege, I regularly donate to social justice initiates I believe in and contribute personally to the lives and work of women of color, LGBTQ youth and businesses owned by individuals in under-represented communities.

My clients will tell you that I’m also very generous with my time. I’m invested in your healing and I’ll do what I can to support it (even if that means the occasional late-night text thread).


Here’s the thing. I’m human and that means I’m going to mess up. Constructive criticism is something that I value. No, it doesn’t feel good to get called in (that’s what we call fragility). But it doesn’t feel good to know I’m inadvertently being hurtful either.

If there’s something I’ve done (or haven’t done) that caused harm to you, please let me know. You can reach me at I will listen, learn and do my best to make amends.


The truth is, I’m just one woman who will do whatever she can to help others find food freedom, befriend their bodies and move the hell on with their lives so that they can do the powerful work of leveraging their own gifts, resources and privilege to make this world a better place for all of us.

And I’m oh-so grateful to be on this journey, and in this work, together.

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