The Unrestricted Mentorship

Life Without the Limits

Imagine a future where you eat, exercise and exist on your own terms.

Picture this:

You trust yourself completely, keep your cool in the kitchen, and skip a gym sesh without guilt.

Body confidence isn’t dependent on fitting into last year’s crop top and you’re no longer hiding out in oversized sweats.

Workouts happen because you want to (not because you have to), eating is easy and self-care is a priority.

You’re present in relationships, inspired at work and committed to causes you care about.

This is life unrestricted.

And it’s yours if you want it.

Can you relate to any of these frustrations?

If you’re nodding along to these struggles, don’t worry.

Your story doesn’t end here.

My private coaching program will help you find the food freedom
and body friendship you’ve been looking for.

Soon you’ll be saying
things like this:

Hi, I’m Lu

I’m a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Body Image Mentor and Life Coach who’s got the compassion and experience to help you discover (or maybe, remember) the real you – beyond the bingeing, restricting, obsessing, and self-loathing.

Through my weight-neutral, anti-diet courses and coaching programs I’ll guide you to heal your relationship with food and body for good.

So, if you’re ready to find lasting food freedom, make peace with the mirror, eat and exercise intuitively and be unapologetically yourself –

You’ve come to the right place.

And if you’re craving support that combines wisdom, empathy, connection and a healthy dose of badassery too –

You’ve most definitely come to the right person.

The Unrestricted Mentorship

A six-month private coaching program that offers committed, customized support in the areas you need it most like:

Intuitive eating and exercise, abandoning diet mentality, eliminating binges,
practicing body-acceptance, period recovery, self-care and more.

A mentorship as unique as you are.

There’s nobody quite like you. And there’s no food and body relationship quite like yours either.

Sure, many women have similar experiences when it comes to eating, exercising and existing in their bodies. But, the healing is in the details. Your relationships, family, culture, environments, genetics and significant life events all play a role in your food and body story and contribute to your patterns of thought and behavior.

That’s why I’ve designed the Unrestricted Mentorship Program to be flexible and intuitive.

I’ll start by getting to know you – food, body and beyond.

Then we’ll let your specific needs and real-time circumstances guide the coaching process and shape your learning of these important mentorship concepts:

The goal of the Unrestricted Mentorship is simple, food freedom and body friendship.

And we’ll do what it takes to get you there - together.

The Mentorship Includes:


That’s half a year of individualized attention from me. You’ve spent ages hating your body, controlling your snacks and postponing your dreams. This mentorship gives you the time and space you deserve to uproot the old beliefs and patterns that were holding you back and create a new inspiring way to care for yourself, instead. I’ll be right there to support you through the inevitable ups and downs along the way.


We’ll hit the ground running with a questionnaire designed to give me plenty of useful information about your relationship to food, body, self and others. Next, we’ll follow that up with a 55-minute phone call to discuss your answers, get clear on your goals and lay the groundwork for your bi-weekly coaching sessions.


This is where the magic happens. These sessions are customized to you and your needs. You’ll share your thoughts, concerns and experiences while I listen attentively. Then I’ll provide intuitive counsel on how to overcome your personal struggles with food and body, become more self-aware, and create a life you love.


In addition to the insights and advice I offer during our coaching sessions, I’ll follow up with a written summary of our work together including resources, recommended mindset shifts and action steps to support your progress. These emails are full of highlights and homework to help you reflect on the progress you’ve made and keep up the healing momentum.


That’s right, you’ll have my number and you can use it too! Text or email whenever you’re looking for real-time advice or encouragement. Whether you need someone to remind you why MyFitnessPal is not actually your pal, give you a virtual high-five after a victory, talk you down from your fitting room frustrations or help you navigate an awkward conversation with your partner – I’m there.


I’ve got a thing for surprises and the postal service (both the mail carriers and the band). And because you’re a member of the Unrestricted Mentorship Program, you’ll reap the benefit! I’ll send you notes or gifts to inspire you on your journey and celebrate your personal growth. If it reminds me of you, I’ll snatch it up and snail mail it your way – just for fun!



The Mend Sessions is a 10-week online course designed to help you eat intuitively, make peace with movement, respect your body, hone your intuition and practice shameless self-care and compassion.

In many ways, because of Lu, I am finally becoming the person I knew I could be, a person not defined by "food issues."

It is difficult to put into words everything Lu did for me, because I am a different person after working with her. A better person. I no longer see myself as somehow damaged. I do not think I am a failure because of my body size and my binge eating. Food is becoming less and less of a coping mechanism for me. In many ways, because of her, I am finally becoming the person I knew I could be, a person not defined by "food issues." Lu is one of the most genuine, caring people I have had the pleasure of knowing. She has dedicated her life to helping women realize they are fine just the way they are. It is a simple message, but when so much around us is telling us we are flawed, it is so powerful to have this beautiful, compassionate woman telling you, “you are ok.” I can’t thank Lu enough.
College Professor

Lu helps you to discover
the person that's always been inside and allows you to embrace that and come home to it.

Lu has the ability to make you feel like she has known you from the moment you first talk. I'm a born type-A person with perfectionist tendencies - it is no wonder that I slipped into diet mentality so easily and became obsessive around food and exercise. Working with Lu, I slowly loosened that grip. I feel freer and like a new energy has awoken within me. The amazing thing about working with Lu is that the transformation is not a jolt or a huge awakening (which is a good thing) - she helps you to discover the person that's always been inside and allows you to embrace that and come home to it. One day you look back on your old behaviors and you realize how far you've come. Working with Lu I realized where my values in life truly lie - I want to spend my time living and loving in my life and not wondering about my weight or food.
Program Manager

I thought I was stuck in diet mentality and
body hate forever. But, Lu did the impossible.

I've always struggled with food and body image stuff. When life got out of control I would turn to food restriction and over exercising in order to cope. Eventually, this led me to a bad relationship with a "fitness coach" who had me eating barely any calories and working out way too much. I was miserable and gaining weight. But, most of all, I had lost my connection to self. I was in a job I hated, living in a city that didn't feel like home and practicing pleasing everyone but myself. That's when I found Lu. Now, I'm working a new job, chasing my dreams of building my own company. I eat what I want and actually desire foods that nourish me. I no longer shame myself when I don't feel like working out and I have a respectful relationship with my body. I've learned to be the observer of my thoughts and actions and I take steps every day to get closer to the life that I want to be living. I remember when I first began working with Lu and was afraid that she wouldn't be able to help me. I thought I was stuck in diet mentality and body hate forever. But, she did the impossible. If you feel out of touch with who you are or what you want in life, if you are struggling with food and hating on your body, if you are even considering working with Lu - DO IT! She is more than a mentor. She really is your fan-girl, cheerleader, best friend and big sister. She's approachable and SO SUPPORTIVE. I love how she could always tell me what I needed to hear, even if I didn't want to hear it. She has the biggest heart ever and I will always think of her as the bright star who helped me to find my way home to myself
Music Industry Audiologist

LIFE WITHOUT THE LIMITS is Closer Than You Think


Because you’ve probably spent a very long time steeped in diet culture, self-loathing, shame, restrictive eating patterns, over exercise and destructive behaviors around food and body. Six months is really only the tip of the iceberg.

Healing takes time and plenty of practice too.

The Unrestricted mentorship allows you to dig deep into mindset and behavior work in a way that’s gentle and paced for success. Plus, you’ll experience some of the inevitable ups and downs of life with me by your side! Because it’s one thing to learn a new skill set, and something else entirely to apply it. From binge episodes or triggering events, to restrictive thoughts over the holidays, work pressures, a broken relationship or a season of grief that has you wanting to return to restriction or sprint to the nearest nutella jar and dive in – I’ll be there to guide you, encourage you and show you a kinder, more compassionate way to relate to yourself, food and body.

Due to the individualized coaching support provided through the Unrestricted Mentorship Program, I only take on a certain number of clients at a time. Please apply on the connect page HERE and I’ll be in touch to discuss current start dates and answer any questions you may have.

Absolutely! The Unrestricted Mentorship Program can reach around the world (and it has!) As long as you have a reliable internet connection, email and a phone – we’re good to go.

The mentorship requires an investment of time, resources and energy.

Our work together is productive and the outcomes are sustainable. There’s no one-size-fits-all canned sessions, no gimmicks, no illusions. There’s simply YOU + ME partnering towards an approach to life that is free of guilt, unending body stress, food freak-outs and those disgusting diet drinks too. You’ll acquire powerful tools to deconstruct and reconstruct your view of self and these concepts and practices will be useful long after the mentorship is over. Ultimately, you will eat, exercise and exist on your own terms.
While no one can put a price on that kind of freedom, here’s mine:

Unrestricted Mentorship Fee – $3,500 USD (payment plans available)

I don’t anticipate that happening.

But, I’m not interested in keeping money that I didn’t earn. And you should question any practitioner who is.
So, here’s the deal – if you (or I) determine that the mentorship has reached a premature end and that determination is communicated according to the terms of our contract, a pro rata portion of your mentorship fee will be refunded to you.

Maybe. Maybe not. I can’t say. And as a Non-diet, Health at Every Size(™) practitioner, I couldn’t care less. As a side effect of healing your relationship with food and body you may lose, gain or maintain weight. Body changes are unpredictable and based on several factors outside of what you eat or how you move.

Forcing your body into submission doesn’t provide sustainable results for the majority of individuals and no coach or counselor can, with integrity, promise you a permanently smaller body.

My work is all about teaching you health enhancing mindsets and behaviors (including but not limited to intuitive eating, joyful movement and body acceptance). I offer an approach to eating, exercise and body that is flexible, kind and nurturing forever.

Keep in mind that any practitioner, coach or trainer who sells lasting weight loss is either confused or lying. Research is quite clear that intentional weight loss doesn’t “work.” 95% of people who lose weight with diets, “lifestyles,” pills, supplements or rigorous workout programs gain it back (typically plus some) within 1-5 years. And if you’re here, you probably know that already.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a clinical eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, etc.) or believe that you have one, this program IS NOT a substitute for medical care and licensed therapy. The Unrestricted Mentorship can be an excellent support during or after treatment in order to encourage and maintain recovery. But, it should not be your sole source of care and is not a replacement for proper medical and psychological attention.

Please consult your own healthcare professionals to discuss the course of action that is best for you.

Yay! In that case, the Mentorship will serve as a great resource for keeping up the momentum. Chances are, you’ll still learn A LOT of new-to-you information and gain additional tools, mindsets and coaching for your transformation process. Plus, there’s a whole lot of life coaching packed into this program. So, even if you’re feeling pretty peaceful with food and body there’s probably plenty of work to be done in other areas of life – and I’m ready to support you through it.

Feel free to apply and we can schedule a call to talk specifics.

Yes. Just fill out this form and we’ll schedule a time to discuss your questions and your timeframe. Then, we’ll complete a contract and collect a deposit to hold your spot.

No problem. Committing to the Unrestricted Mentorship and taking the leap to revolutionize your relationship to food, body and self is a really big deal. Of course it requires consideration and maybe some conversation too.

If you’re on the fence, apply here. Then, I’ll be in touch. You’ll have the opportunity to speak with me directly and hear from my references too (past clients) if you’d like.

Please, don’t waste another minute counting, cardio-ing or condemning yourself for approval.

And don’t blow another hard-earned paycheck believing the broken promises of quick-fix detoxes and fad fitness plans.

I know it can be tempting to close your eyes, make a wish and try “just one more time.”
But you and I both know, it’s not worth it.

Life’s too short.

And you’ve got more important things to do than guzzle shitty shakes and suck in your stomach for the next twenty years.

If you’re ready to find food freedom, befriend your body and move on with your life, Then I’m ready to help you make it happen.

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