The Mend Sessions

Restore Your Relationship
with Food and Body

It’s time to Quit Fixing and Start Healing

The problem with diets and other intentional weight loss solutions (aside from the data that both are unsustainable long-term) is the exhausting assumption that you are broken and desperately need to be fixed. They begin with the premise that your body is wrong and offer redundant, impersonal solutions to “right” it.

The Mend Sessions
course is different.

It’s founded on the belief that your body is wise, whole and inherently worthy of respect. With each module you’ll discover how to trust yourself, honor your experiences and develop habits that heal (not fix). 

The Mend Sessions will guide you to shift the focus from repair to restoration,

And encourage a natural, intuitive connection with food, body and self that lasts.

We’ll begin right where you are:

And Take You Where
You Want to Go:

Hi, I’m Lu

I’m a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Body Image Mentor and Life Coach who’s got the compassion and experience to help you discover (or maybe, remember) the real you – beyond the bingeing, restricting, obsessing, and self-loathing.

Through my weight-neutral, anti-diet courses and coaching programs I’ll guide you to heal your relationship with food and body for good.

I designed the Mend Sessions after years of coaching women 1:1 around their relationships to food, body and self. During that time, I noticed common themes, crucial mindset shifts and important behavioral changes that were beneficial for every client I worked with – no matter how different their lives, bodies, diets and histories.

I discovered that in order for clients to cultivate lasting, positive change when it comes to eating, exercising and existing in their bodies they needed these four things: KNOWLEDGE, INQUIRY, EXPERIMENTATION (tools + practices) and SUPPORT.

So, I got to work creating a program that included all of those components, a program that encouraged learning and application, a program that was accessible, dependable and relatable – that program is the Mend Sessions.

The Mend Sessions

A 10-Week Course for the woman who’s ready to eat intuitively, make peace with movement, respect her body, hone her intuition and practice shameless self-care and compassion.

This program serves as a powerful starting point for healing. It’s also a convenient, comprehensive refresher for anyone who’s already committed to anti-diet, weight-neutral living.

This is What You’ll Learn


Be kind to YOU and eliminate shame, frustration and self-hate from your food and body experiences.


Make sense of your present food and body reality and create loving goals for moving beyond it.


Become more self-aware and compassionate by redirecting, re-imagining and responding to your thoughts.


Study the principles of intuitive eating (with a Lu spin) and discover valuable methods of practicing food freedom.


Tools and tips for implementing intuitive eating when it’s tough. Think parties, family events, dinner dates, meal planning, sickness, drinking and more!


Crack the code on binge and emotional eating. Discover why it happens, what it means and how to respond.


Understand the basic concepts, theories and definitions surrounding body acceptance.


Tried-and-true approaches to increasing the mind-body connection and improving body image.


Learn to exercise in celebration of your body – without the control and condemnation.


Celebrate how far you’ve come, integrate what you’ve learned and anticipate where you’re headed next.

The Mend Sessions Include:

10 Weekly Lessons

Over two months of quality content. Each week you’ll get access to learning materials (videos, teaching, tips, tools and practices) to help you eat and exercise with ease, befriend your body and move the hell on with your life. These MEND Sessions lessons provide pages of valuable coaching material that is yours to keep for the lifetime of the program. They’re printable and downloadable too.

Monthly Q+A Recordings

Once a month, I’ll answer your specific questions (and share coaching insight for other participants too) through an optional pre-recorded video Q+A. I’ll focus on what’s present for you in terms of the breakthroughs, barriers and circumstances affecting your food and body relationship. Plus, I’ll offer coaching recommendations for taking your healing to the next level. (No longer available as of 9/27/21.)

Community Support

Don’t want to wait on the monthly Q+A to hear from me? Hoping to connect with other individuals on the Mend Sessions journey? Whether you’re looking for advice on how to apply the lessons, nervous about an upcoming event, having a bad body image day, or simply want to celebrate a food and body win – we’ll be there! Join us in a private community. (No longer available as of 9/27/21.)



Chrissy King

Inclusive Fitness Coach

Ivy Felicia

Body Relationship Coach

Ragen Chastain

Speaker, Writer, Activist

Amy Pence Brown

Body Image Activist

Melissa Toler

Writer + Worthiness Educator

*All guest speakers were compensated for their participation in the series. It’s a core value at LuEats, LLC to pay fellow practitioners and experts for their time and contribution to our programs. Please read this statement to learn more.

You’ll also get lifetime access to the materials

Lifetime access means that as long as this course is operational, you’ll be able to get your hands on the materials.

Plus, most of the content is downloadable meaning you can print it or save it to your own device for future reference.

Start the Sessions today for $155

For the first time in over a decade,
I eat shame and guilt free.

I’d had around 12 years of an extremely negative relationship with my body when I got into Lu’s MEND Sessions.

Her materials were on point, but what truly stood out to me was her coaching. Lu is an extremely competent coach who doesn’t only rely on her personal experience or opinions, but has data to back her up. Talking to her, I felt like she knew exactly what I was going through. She immediately picked up on my old beliefs and gave me suggestions on how to work through them.

It was the first time in my life where I felt understood. No therapist has ever given me that feeling. I finally know that IT IS POSSIBLE to accept MY body. My relationship with food isn’t perfect, but for the first time in over a decade, I eat shame and guilt free. I now have a much better understanding of my behaviours around food and what they depend on, which has given me the freedom to break harmful habits and quiet destructive thoughts.


Signing up for the MEND Sessions was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

It was a really positive investment in so many ways. Thanks to Lu, I finally know what it feels like to eat, guilt-free. Her advice on developing a positive body image and moving mindfully made so much sense to me. Plus, whenever I had a “bad day," Lu was right there to talk me through it. Her coaching was super helpful, easy to apply and not at all intimidating. Of everything I learned in the program, I think the most important for me has been recognizing that I am worthy of showing myself care, compassion and love.

The support and coaching Lu provides is life-changing.

I've invested in a number of intuitive eating and body image programs over the years, but nothing stuck until the MEND Sessions. I learned so much about myself and my relationship to food and body in these ten short weeks. I know the lessons I learned will benefit me for years to come, especially the workbooks on atypical eating experiences, self compassion and body image practices. I'm really grateful I joined the Sessions and can't recommend them enough!

Thanks to the MEND Sessions, my entire attitude around food has changed.

My binges stopped and I began to feel empowered and confident. I started to explore foods I liked, ways to feed my family without stress and frustration and ways to move my body that didn't feel like punishment or obligation. The lessons and activities were valuable. But, for me, the most life-changing part of the program was the personal coaching from Lu and getting specific recommendations for my situation. No matter how much I struggled to communicate my questions or challenges, Lu was invariably able to provide perfect recommendations for additional reading, point out activities that might be especially beneficial or simply offer helpful insight into my situation. This course and Lu's coaching have truly changed my life!

Lu takes time to really get to know the clients she works with.

She was always available to coach me through issues as they came up and supported me in figuring things out on my own too. The skills that Lu taught me in healing my relationship with food and with my own body have also helped to enhance my personal relationships. Her support has shown me that my experiences are valid, regardless of the intentions of others, both in food/body scenarios and elsewhere. Working with Lu has honestly changed the way I view myself and how I interact with the world around me - and that change has been so positive and empowering!

My relationship with food and my body has improved.

I never fully understood what dieting was doing to me until I took this course. I really enjoyed the lessons. Especially Lesson 6 as it delves into improving and accepting my body and self. I also loved the 1:1 coaching calls with Lu. She's not the kind of coach to expect you to figure everything out on your own. She listens, asks questions and gives helpful, educated advice that works.

I’m not sure where I'd be right now if Lu hadn’t helped to calm the chaos that was my food and body life.

She's been a wonderful cheerleader, coach and support to have in my corner. Thanks to the MEND Sessions, my every thought is no longer consumed with food rules or self-criticism. The personal coaching and workbooks were amazing, and I always looked forward to both!

Lu knows just what you're feeling.
And she shares recovery ideas that work.

After the MEND Sessions, I can finally see a life beyond the years of self-abuse and body hatred.

I’m giving myself grace to eat what I want, when I want it and to move when and how I feel like it. While I still have difficult days, I’m able to accept each situation as it comes without assigning personal judgment. I view myself as a capable human with a body that allows me to do and feel the things that bring me joy. My relationship with my spouse is much more positive and fun and we’re sharing experiences together that never would have happened before the Sessions.

I’m still working on developing a more positive body image. But, I have wonderful resources (thanks Lu!) and a support system that makes me feel loved, worthy, and beautiful at any size.


Start the Sessions today for $155


The Mend Sessions are ready whenever you are. Enroll now and begin learning how to restore your relationship with food and body today.

That’s entirely up to you. Each weekly session should take about an hour to read and complete. But, the time you commit to processing, practicing and experimenting with what you learn is variable. 

That’s perfectly fine. The course will be there when you’re ready to return to it. It’s yours to access whenever you want for the lifetime of the program. So, feel free to go at your own pace and do what works for you.

You’ll need to have (or borrow) a computer or smartphone with reliable internet access and a working email address. That’s it! All course material is hosted on Thinkific (you’ll get the credentials once you sign up).

The MEND Sessions price is $155 USD. Want a payment plan? Just email me at and we’ll set it up.

Due to the nature of the program, there are no refunds. The course materials are yours to keep forever and access to the Q+As and online community are ongoing for the lifetime of the course.

Great question. All Mend Sessions participants will have the opportunity to purchase supplemental coaching calls with me, at a discount. Details on how to add private coaching support to the Sessions can be found in the course welcome materials. Or, if you want to take your healing to the next level consider signing up for the Unrestricted Mentorship instead. These Mend Sessions are included with the Mentorship.

*Supplementary coaching is available on a first come, first serve basis. Spaces are limited.

Yay! In that case, the Sessions might be a great resource for keeping up the momentum. Chances are, you’ll still learn A LOT of new-to-you information and gain additional tools, mindsets and coaching for your transformation process.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a clinical eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, etc.) or believe that you have one, this program IS NOT a substitute for medical care and licensed therapy. However, it may be an excellent resource during or after treatment in order to encourage and maintain recovery. Again, the MEND Sessions should not be considered a replacement for proper medical and psychological attention.

Maybe. Maybe not. I can’t say. And as a Non-diet, Health at Every Size(™) practitioner, I couldn’t care less. As a side effect of healing your relationship with food and body you may lose, gain or maintain weight. Body changes are unpredictable and based on several factors outside of what you eat or how you move.

Forcing your body into submission doesn’t provide sustainable results for the majority of individuals and no coach or counselor can, with integrity, promise you a permanently smaller body.

My work is all about teaching you health enhancing mindsets and behaviors (including, but not limited to, intuitive eating, joyful movement and body acceptance). I offer an approach to eating, exercise and body that is flexible, kind and nurturing forever.

Keep in mind that any practitioner, coach or trainer who sells lasting weight loss is either confused or lying. Research is quite clear that intentional weight loss doesn’t “work.” 95% of people who lose weight with diets, “lifestyles,” pills, supplements or rigorous workout programs gain it back (typically plus some) within 1-5 years. And if you’re here, you probably know that already.

This course (and the related online community) is designed specifically for individuals who want to heal their own relationship with food and body, not for coaches or other industry professionals. However, I’m always happy to offer professional coaching or collaboration. Just click HERE to complete the form and connect with me.

I’m happy to answer them. Just click HERE to complete the form and connect with me or email me at

Are you ready to Mend?

Get the tools and teaching you need to rebuild a healthy relationship with food and body.

Free your mind, change your life and never look back.

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