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“Dear” Scale

Dear Scale, I know it’s been twelve months since our last encounter. I remember the moment vividly – not because it was special – but because it happened every day for as long as I can remember.  Each morning I would shuffle, bleary-eyed, into the bathroom and drag you from the closet.  I’d cross my

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6 Reasons Why My Kids Won’t Be Stepping on the School Scale

Yesterday I wrote a letter to my daughters’ elementary school principal requesting that they be excluded from the annual, school-wide BMI (Body Mass Index) “health” screening.  Accordingly, I won’t be getting a BMI Report Card in the mail that details my children’s heights and weights along with the designation of either “UNDERWEIGHT,” “NORMAL,” “OVERWEIGHT,” or

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Shame Sells

Diet culture has become a way of life.  For many, it’s even become a religion.   Moralistic views of food and body are everywhere – vying for our righteous response.  While health and well-being are certainly worthwhile goals, the idea that a particular weight or meal plan is the key to attaining those goals is misguided. 

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3 Digits to Ditch Blog Series (Part 3)

If you missed the first two posts in my 3 Digits to Ditch Blog Series be sure to check them out HERE and HERE.  In them, I challenge you to let go of preoccupation with weight and clothing size.  While neither measurement accurately indicates physical well-being, both are frequently implicated in poor mental and emotional

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3 Digits to Ditch Blog Series (Part 2)

In Part 1 of The Three Digits to Ditch Blog Series I suggested that you step away from your scale and stop the daily weigh-in.  (READ MORE HERE).  Instead, set a positive tone for your day and improve your mood by calling your cousin or texting a friend.  Exchange your daily, agonizing ritual of weight

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3 Digits To Ditch Blog Series (Part 1)

In my previous life, the long-forgotten days before motherhood, I was a number cruncher.  I worked for years as a Certified Public Accountant.  Formulas, spreadsheets and calculators were sort of my “thing.”  I loved dealing with digits. You see, there’s a safety in numbers that I’ve always enjoyed– and I don’t mean the security that

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