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The Key to Changing Your Relationship With Food and Body

As a Certified Eating Psychology Coach and Body Image Mentor I receive plenty of questions. But, the one that I get the most, the one that nearly all of my clients and tons of social media followers and blog readers have asked, is this: “How in the world do I end food freak outs and begin to accept

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Dear Women of Facebook

Dear Women of Facebook, I want you to know that I see you. I see the re-posts of articles you value, recipes you enjoy and quotes that you love. I smile as I click through your photos of summer vacation with your crazy-cute family, sporting events and day trips to the museum. I read your

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Of Baby Mamas and Body Talk

Yesterday I overheard an interesting conversation in a department store check out line. I was with my three littles waiting to pay for the new shorts and shoes that my oldest daughter needed for camp. The people in front of us were dropping piles of clothing and accessories onto the counter and the cashier was frantically removing

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Why “You’ve Lost Weight” Isn’t A Compliment

“Wow! You look so good! You’ve lost weight!” “You must have dropped 20 pounds! You’re stunning!” “Are you getting skinnier? What’s your secret?” “How did you lose the baby weight so quickly? I’m jealous.” If you think that these comments are flattering, you aren’t alone. Culturally, thinness is considered a worthy pursuit. Losing weight is

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We’re Far More Alike Than You Know

My client is a beautiful woman, inside and out. She’s strong and courageous and accomplished. She is mystical and passionate. Her heart is so big and so generous that I’ve yet to figure out how her body can contain it. She’s amazing. But, she’s tired. She is so damn tired of fighting the voices in

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Ditch Binge Eating For Good With These Simple Questions

Have you ever found yourself standing at the pantry, wrist deep in a jar of extra-crunchy peanut butter with a pile of king-size candy bar wrappers at your feet? If so, you’re not alone. Binge eating is a relatively common experience characterized by the intense and immediate urge to devour food. Sufferers frequently report feeling

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