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Three Things You Should Know About Emotional Eating

Thirteen years ago, I miscarried. It was an early April morning; the sky still dark and sunless. I’ll save you the gut-wrenching details and simply say that the experience was excruciating, both physically and emotionally. On my doctor’s advice, I attempted to rest before meeting him at the hospital for the start of his shift.

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The Four Phases of Inquiry In Recovery

If you parent a young child, know a young child, or have ever been a young child, then you’re probably quite familiar with the question “Why?” As a mother of three, I hear it all the time. The most recent barrage of “why?” happened yesterday when I picked up my daughter from school. She wanted

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Compensatory Exercise Isn’t Healthy, It’s a Disordered Eating Behavior

It’s common knowledge that life-enhancing movement contributes to personal health. But if fitness is pursued mathematically and obsessively at the expense of mental, social, and emotional peace (all having proven effects on physical health), it probably won’t yield the outcomes we’re hoping for. That’s because exercise is, in and of itself, a stressor. And while the human

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Size Doesn’t Matter

Do you ever get hung up on clothing size? If so, you’re not alone.  I work often with clients who come to me fixated on goals like sizing-down or fitting into single digits. And in some ways, their concerns are valid. Not because clothing size is, in any way, an indicator of health or inherent

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Changing Your Mind

WARNING: It’s about to get super nerdy all up in this blog post because I’ve got BRAINS on my BRAIN today. And I wanted to share some thoughts (from MY brain 😊) with you. You see, I’m big into science and understanding the way that our bodies work because it informs the ways in which we most

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