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Don’t Ask Jillian: Eight Intuitive Eating Myths

Two days ago, Jillian Michaels (you know, the former Biggest Loser coach who regularly overworked, underfed, berated and “diet pilled” her contestants) posted a YouTube video sharing her thoughts on intuitive eating. I’m not going to link to her video. It’s out there and you can find it if you want. But I’d recommend NOT

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Want to Change the World? Stop Trying to Change Your Body

We’re only halfway through 2020, but it feels like this year’s been at least a decade long, doesn’t it? Here are just a few of the major events that occurred in the last six months: The United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union. There were floods in Indonesia. Fires in Australia. Locusts in East Africa.

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5 Body Acceptance Tips You Should Try Today

There’s this thing that’s been happening with my complexion lately – and it’s aggravating as hell. Almost daily, the skin across my cheeks gets red and splotchy, and my entire face feels like it’s been set on fire. Rosacea. Suddenly, my once “normal” skin is sensitive, flushed, and angry. And no matter what products I

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Intuitive Eating Gets Easier, I Promise

There comes a point, in the early stages of every intuitive eater’s journey, when they convince themselves that they’re horrible failures, destined to overthink food forever. Certain that they’re approaching eating all wrong, and presuming that if the whole “trust your body” thing isn’t coming easy, it probably never will – they consider calling it

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Developing a Healthy Coping Progression

Last month, I wrote a post entitled Three Things You Should Know About Emotional Eating. In it, I shared that emotional eating, in the context of a diverse and healthy coping progression, can be a valuable self-care tool. But, what exactly is a healthy coping progression? And how do you go about developing one? Coping strategies

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