I don’t just teach this stuff,
I live it too.

If we were connecting in the real world, I’d probably be giving you an awkward hug right about now (with your permission, of course) and rapid-firing personal questions your way.

I’d make it my mission to discover who you REALLY are and how you REALLY feel, beyond the surface-level small talk. And I’d love every fascinating minute of it.

Instead, we’re having our platonic “meet cute” here in cyberspace where the relationship feels awfully one-sided and I’m the only one doing the talking.

Hopefully that’ll change soon. But, until then –

Hi, I’m Lu

– a waker, shaker and fan-girl who’s devoted to helping women find freedom with food and friendship with their bodies.

In technical terms, I’m a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Body Image Mentor and Life Coach.

Knowledge, inquiry, experimentation and compassion are the pillars of my work with clients. But, defiance certainly has its place too. Meaning, I won’t only teach you how to make peace with your body and your plate. I’ll also help you to rebel against an oppressive and capitalistic diet culture that profits by creating (and then exploiting) your insecurities.


Together we’ll ditch the soul-sucking diets, put an end to body hate and call bullshit on the systems that encourage both so that you can:


It’s called intuitive eating. No rules. No math. No shame. You’ll know just how to feed your body without relying on diets that don’t work and “nutrition” bloggers who don’t know you. You’ll forget what it feels like to binge on family-sized bags of peanut butter cups and won’t bury yourself in guilt for enjoying salted mango margs with your friends. You’ll eat with ease. And food will finally become a side dish, not the main course, of your life.


Like a BFF or a soul mate spouse, you’ll honor your body and nurture the relationship. You’ll listen to it and meet its needs for nourishment, pleasure, rest and movement from a place of devotion, not obligation. You may never like everything about your body (sorta like your partner’s taste in music or their refusal to restock the toilet paper) but you’ll care for it and it’ll care for you right back.


Moving on means putting an end to disordered eating and body manipulation so you can focus on the more important things in life. Things like learning Sign Language, fighting for police reform, anti-racism work, landing your dream job and being more present with friends and family. Say “goodbye” to the days of making and breaking plans based on food and body woes and say “hello” to building a life you love instead.

This life is within your reach.
And it's closer than you think.

I know it’s hard to believe after the meal plans, fad diets, fitness programs, and online courses that left you with nothing more than a fridge full of disgusting microwaveable meals, weight fluctuations, extreme fatigue and feelings of complete and utter unworthiness.

But food freedom and body friendship ARE POSSIBLE for you.

It’s just that healing won’t happen on the treadmill and it can’t be found in the kitchen. Because the life you want isn’t waiting for you on the other side of six-pack abs. It’s waiting for you to stop waiting (on a thinner body and a cleaner meal plan) to be wholly and unapologetically yourself.

And I know that from experience.

I began my first diet in my twenties (after college and marriage and pregnancy). At the time, I was naïve to the long-term effects of calorie restriction and over-exercise. So, completing a popular workout program didn’t seem dangerous. It seemed like a great way to support my husband in his fitness journey, distract myself from an ongoing family medical crisis, improve my own “health” and try for washboard abs.

I didn’t think I’d develop disordered eating. I didn’t plan on becoming fanatical about exercise. But, after only 3 months of meticulously charting my food intake and performing rigorous workouts, that’s exactly what happened. I lost not just weight – but my ass, my period, my thyroid health and my peace of mind. I continued to over-exercise, restrict calories and limit food groups for years, punishing myself for eating or drinking “off plan” by adding extra gym sessions or scheduling punitive fasts. 

Eventually, these behaviors led to binge eating. And my response to every binge was to cut more calories, add more gym time and ban additional foods which resulted in even more binges, followed by disgust, self-hate, isolation, sadness – and you guessed it – more binges.

I was trapped in the restrict-binge cycle for years.
Then came the detachment, secrecy, anger and sickness.

It seemed I only had enough time in the day to hate my body, which made it difficult to love anyone else. I starved and gorged and shamed myself in silence, resenting my returning curves and blaming myself for an obvious lack of willpower. All the while, maintaining the illusion that I was “fine.” Despite finally admitting that I had a problem, the diet dogma and workout extremes continued.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to manage my own recovery by reading blog posts, joining groups and listening to podcasts. But, it wasn’t until I hired a coach to mentor me on the journey of healing my relationship with food and body, that I was truly transformed. I learned that there was more to my eating and exercise behaviors than the size of my pants or the fat grams in a cupcake. It was my thoughts and beliefs that needed an overhaul, not my body.

In time, I rediscovered the joy that comes from being authentically and unapologetically me. I trashed my scale, stopped counting calories, began eating and moving intuitively and waved goodbye to the quest for perfection.

In the years that followed, I earned my certification in Mind-Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology Coaching and mentored privately with experts in the fields of Intuitive Eating, Nutritional Psychology and Transformational Life Coaching.

Then, in 2015 I opened my own practice, determined to support women in restoring their relationship with food, body and self – like I did.

And that’s just what I’ve been doing ever since.


But, I didn’t stay there. And you don’t have to either.

If you’re ready to move on from calorie restricting and portion controlling, put an end to rebound binges, stick it to the industries profiting on self-hate, find peace with the mirror and practice unconditional acceptance and compassion for your body – I’m here to support you.

Just say the word and I’ll be right by your side teaching you how to eat and exercise intuitively, improve body image, hone your intuition, think critically about diet culture, silence the negative self-talk and live life without the limits.

Are you ready?

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