Changing Your Mind

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WARNING: It’s about to get super nerdy all up in this blog post because I’ve got BRAINS on my BRAIN today. And I wanted to share some thoughts (from MY brain 😊) with you.

You see, I’m big into science and understanding the way that our bodies work because it informs the ways in which we most effectively heal from disordered eating and body image struggles. And one of the coolest facts about the brain as it relates to healing is – it’s malleable. Minds quite literally, change. And a changed mind can change almost anything. For instance, the way we relate to food or the way we look at bodies.

This is because the brain’s structures can essentially deconstruct and reconstruct based on the thoughts we think. Neural pathways (these are like highways of thought and automatic behavior) can disintegrate or develop in relation to the words and ideas we take in.

Now, I’m no neuro-scientist, but I know enough about the brain to understand how important our inner dialogue is to the way we experience life.

Our thoughts matter, they turn into matter.

What we believe we become.

And what we focus on grows.

In fact, countless studies have proven that our brains possess the ability to turn on (or off) inherited gene expressions simply by way of our thinking (or not) about them. {I’M GEEKING OUT RIGHT NOW AND REALLY WANT TO TYPE A FEW MORE PARAGRAPHS ABOUT HOW UNBELIEVABLY COOL THE HUMAN BODY IS! I MEAN REALLY, WE GET TO LIVE IN BODIES – WITH BRAINS? WHAT IS THIS LIFE? I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! BUT, I’LL CALM DOWN AND GET TO MY POINT…}

Always, when I’m working with clients to overcome their food and body struggles the deepest most life-changing work isn’t in behavior modification – IT’S IN THE MIND. Diet mentality has created some major pathways in the brain that are reinforced daily, hourly, maybe even by the minute – through media, marketing and overwhelming exposure to impossible beauty standards.

So then, our job is to redirect these thoughts and consider new ways of understanding and communicating with/about our bodies and food. We must become critical thinkers and consumers who question capitalistic attempts by the industries that bank on our insecurity. If we want to heal disordered eating and negative body image we have to get to work creating new mental “highways” where they didn’t previously exist and abandoning the worn and oft-traveled roads of self-criticism, body hate and food judgment.

In this way, diets are much easier than recovery. (Which is why it’s no wonder you’re tempted to return to them again and again.) Diets ask us to continue on the mental pathways we’ve been using. The ones that tell us we need to be “fixed,” managed and refined. Alternately, recovery and acceptance ask us to take the detour, tread on new ground and build new mental infrastructure. They ask us to fashion a road back home to ourselves, where we are free, inherently worthy and eternally enough.

And though that road is less traveled, it leads us to the most rewarding destination.


>>> What road are you traveling right now? Are you ready to take a detour?

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