Holiday Hangover Remedies

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IT’S THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING.  I’m trusting that you didn’t fall victim to Holiday Hellth Anxiety yesterday. 

Hopefully, you’re basking in the glow of precious moments shared with family and friends, memories made around the table, tastes and smells that reminded you of childhood and the sounds of joyful laughter rising in the dining room like the steam from warm apple pie a la mode.

Hopefully, you’re anything but “hungover” today.

But, just in case you’re feeling off:

  • in body (from overeating, drinking a little too much or simply enjoying foods that didn’t agree with you)
  • in mind (from self judgment or feelings of failure surrounding yesterday’s food intake, the fear of holiday season with it’s parties, menus and formal dress codes, panic over how you’ll keep up with your daily workouts, or your last minute stress over making those 2015 resolution goals a reality)
  • in spirit (feeling lonely, inadequate, unfulfilled, or overwhelmed)

I’ve created a short list of FEEL GOOD REMEDIES that will heal your holiday hangover in no time:

AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE –  Yep!  You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it here too: giving thanks does a body good.  So take out a journal or simply spend a few quiet moments today thinking about 10 things you’re thankful for.  Get your mind off the stuff that is weighing you down and focus on what lifts you up instead.

 (or 20) – use this awesome graphic to breathe in and out in rhythm with the shape. Taking a breather will help you to relieve stress, nourish your body and quiet your mind.
 – You may feel like you have to kick it into high gear today to make up for time lost or calories consumed yesterday.  But, rather than stress yourself out scrambling to pay penance for enjoying a meal with family and taking some much needed R&R – extend the vacation instead.  Slowing down will help you to be aware of what you REALLY want to do and how you REALLY want to feel today.  Take the time to listen to your body and your heart.  What is your ideal day?  It may look much different than what you have planned.  Obviously, you can’t skip appointments, work or other non-negotiables. But, you can reschedule your dinner date, skip the gym and take a walk with a friend instead, stay snuggled in bed rather than face the shopping mayhem that is Black Friday or meet your aunt for breakfast at your favorite cafe in lieu of cooking for her. Slow down and find out what you really NEED/WANT today – then try your best to make it happen.

DRESS THE PART – Once you’ve figured out what it is you want and need (above), get dressed for it.  And dress to FEEL amazing.  If you’ve decided on a day out, throw on a cute dress or your favorite pair of jeans with a sweater that makes you feel HOT (see what I did there? – hot?)  It’s hard to feel down on your body for yesterday when you feel great in it today.  And if’ you’re staying in and plan on wearing cozy digs – that’s cool too.  But, whatever you do, don’t squeeze into something uncomfortable or wear an outfit that makes you feel “blah.”  Wear your best to feel your best.  (NOTE: I’m currently sporting my favorite hoodie and leggings, with a top knot and mascara, of course.)

EAT FEEL GOOD FOODS – So you’re stomach is feeling a little queasy OR your mind is bullying you for eating “too much” pie.  Either way – your food choices today should be based on one thing and one thing only – FEELING GOOD (physically, not morally.  Food cannot redeem you, friend. And it can’t damn you either.)  Eat what your body craves to feel its best today. Maybe that’s a superfood packed green smoothie and toast for breakfast followed by leftovers for lunch and take out for dinner.  Or maybe you’ll start your day with pie and coffee.  Whatever you choose, make the determination on what would soothe your body while satisfying both your physical cravings and your taste buds.  Don’t eat (or not eat) to punish yourself.  Don’t count calories and compensate for yesterday.  Today is a new day.  Eat to feel good NOW.

GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD – seriously.  Drop the self shaming, the “oh crap it didn’t fit my macros” calculating and the “why did I drink 3 dirty martinis?” lamenting and set your mind on something else.  When I can’t seem to quiet my mental chatter, I choose to create (watercolors, drawing, coloring), spend time in nature, read or listen to music.  I also like to get physical! Movement done with loving intent, is healing.  It helps you to be in your body more and your mind less.  I prefer stretching, dancing or taking a jog when I need to silence a bullying brain.

SERVE OTHERS – There is no better way to move beyond a hoiday hangover than by getting out into the community, recognizing the needs around you and doing what you can to meet them.  Sometimes we forget that our struggles with food and body are privileged problems.  Typically they are PRIVILEGED, FINANCIALLY STABLE, OPTIMAL SOCIO-ECONOMIC CONDITIONS sort of problems.  Are our food and body struggles real? You betcha!  Will they simply go away by realizing that others in our community are hustling for survival while we’re hustling for 6% body fat? NOPE.  But, taking time to notice and then reach out to the world around you is a great way to see that your hands and feet were made for more than simply bracing the impact of a burpee.  Your body was made for more than leanness – it was made to help you carry out your work in the world, to show love to others, to serve humanity.  It’s difficult to be down about a body when it’s seen as a means to an end – service, and not as an end in itself – beauty.

Hangovers are never fun.  Holiday hangovers, worse yet. So, do yourself a favor and practice these remedies for a kinder, faster recovery.  

May you feel well and live well, lovely one. 

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