Eating Psychology and Body Image Coaching for the woman who’s ready to eat, exercise and exist on her own terms.


No matter how many diets you’ve tried, programs you’ve purchased, binges you’ve experienced, “skinny teas” you’ve sipped or books you’ve read.

No matter what you weigh, who you are or how you identify,

I want you to know that you are welcome and you are worthy.

You’re worthy of respect, dignity and competent care.

You’re worthy of love and belonging.

You’re worthy of a life lived, fully and freely.

And you are worthy and wise enough to create that life, in your own time and on your own terms.

If that life looks like a more compassionate relationship with eating, exercising and existing in your body,

If it looks like restoration and healing,

If it looks like taking up space and shutting down shame, then –

I Can HElp



Food freedom DOES exist.
And befriending your body IS possible.

The journey isn’t easy. But, it isn’t hopeless either.

Breaking free from diets, rebound eating, quick-fix fitness plans and negative body image takes time. It takes practice. And it takes loving, knowledgeable support.

That’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Lu

I’m a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Body Image Mentor and Life Coach who’s got the compassion and experience to help you discover (or maybe, remember) the real you – beyond the bingeing, restricting, obsessing and self-loathing.

Through my weight-neutral, anti-diet courses and coaching programs I’ll guide you to heal your relationship with food and body for good.

So, if you’re ready to find lasting food freedom, make peace with the mirror, eat and exercise intuitively and be unapologetically yourself –

You’ve come to the right place.

And if you’re craving support that combines wisdom, empathy, connection and a healthy dose of badassery too –

You’ve most definitely come to the right person.


Ditch dieting and disordered eating, befriend your body and move on
with your life through my online course or signature coaching program.

The Mend Sessions

The Unrestricted Mentorship

What Clients Are Saying

In the six months I worked with Lu,
I completely transformed.

I silently struggled with an eating disorder for ten years. Starting in high school through law school, I was entrenched in the restrictive eating and over-exercising cycle. As my mental health and physical health deteriorated, I spent years feeling ashamed, hopeless, and lonely. I never thought I would find a way out. But I did: it was Lu. From the moment I spoke with her, I knew Lu was the extra help I needed for breaking the cycle. In an instant, I felt supported, heard, and empowered. Lu has an uncanny ability to listen without judgment and to respond with profound understanding.

In the six months I worked with Lu, I completely transformed. I am no longer obsessed with exercise, calories, or weight. I eat and move to nourish my body rather than to punish it. My eyes have been opened to the wide-spread reach of diet culture and I have a new understanding of what healthy means. In addressing my food and body issues, I have been able to take on and evaluate other areas in my life such as my career, relationships, and finding my purpose.

I am forever grateful that Lu came into my life. She was a truly bright, guiding light in a time of great uncertainty and fear. I have gained more things than I can count, but one of the most important: a badass, caring, insightful friend.


It’s really quite amazing how different my mindset around food and body is now.

I used to be an entirely different person – hiding and bingeing and thinking I was addicted to food and sugar, forcing exercise to control my body and believing I’d struggle for the rest of my life.

Now, after working with Lu, things are so much better. I do what I do and eat what I eat because I want to feel energized, powerful, and happy. I move my body for fun and not as “punishment” for what or how much I ate and I have a better relationship with my body and others around me too.

Lu is amazing. She’s supportive and kind but also full of great knowledge about food, our bodies, and life in general! She allowed me to work at my own pace in my own struggles in real time – never judging or rushing or trying to limit our topics of conversation. My food issues were in many ways just a symptom of root problems and she created a safe space to delve into those topics that weren’t necessarily food or body image related. She always asked great questions and offered relevant resources too. I’m grateful for Lu’s work, words and heart. She invested herself in my healing and recovery and I am a different person because of it.

Brittany F.

I feel so much more peace around food and my body now and that has freed up space in my life to find more joy and meaning.

I began working with Lu during a very difficult period in my life. I’d spent the last few years eating restrictively and obsessing about exercise. For a while those behaviors didn’t seem like a problem. But very quickly, they started to interfere with my ability to actually live my life. I couldn’t go out to dinner with friends because there wouldn’t be anything on the menu that I could eat without feeling horribly guilty. I couldn’t go for a bike ride or a run with anyone else because I had such a specific (specifically arbitrary) training program set out for myself. It was incredibly isolating and distressing thoughts surrounding food and my body took up far too much of my brain space.

I first heard Lu on the Real Talk Radio podcast and several of the insights she shared blew my mind and helped me come to the realization that even though I was doing all these supposedly “healthy” things, my mental and emotional health was suffering for it. Lu supported me through many difficult transitions during our 6 month mentorship. I quit school, came out to my parents and explored new relationships, not to mention all the progress I’ve made with regards to my relationship to food and my body. I love her holistic approach to this type of coaching because, in particular, this experience has made me realize just how much my preoccupation with food and my body was a symptom of issues I was grappling with in other areas of my life. I still have work to do but it was so unbelievably helpful to have Lu alongside me during the initial stages of my recovery. I feel so much more peace around food and my body now and that has freed up the space in my life to find more joy and meaning. 


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